2017Xi 'an river in huawei certain partner conference won in China“The satisfaction of customers”

2017Years6Month14Day,General manager Mr Johnny and deputy general manager Mr Xu-dong zhai was invited to the huawei company certain partners meeting in China,On the meeting,Huawei company awarded to xi 'an river communications co., LTD“The satisfaction of customers”,Let us each a long river are proud and proud!

River in the second session of zte staff skills won the award in the grand meeting

2017Years08Month28To the day2017Years09Month15Day,In the zte's organization“The second session of zte2017In domestic engineering service partner skills grand meeting”In the,After the preparation of tension、Sound written test、Wonderful to preach、The fierce defense,We long river and won the award, For companies and individuals。Potti won 14 divisionFDD-LTEProducts in the national second prize;闫潇 article won the third divisionTDD-LTEProducts in the national second prize; Liu won the 13th divisionPTNThe third prize。

Long public for ten years For love --Remember to keep feng guan elementary school funding for ten years

2019Years4Month11Under the guidance of general manager Mr Johnny,Xi 'an river love team8People began the first ten years22Leave time fengxian county feng guan elementary school education aid。


The quality of the revolution—Xi 'an river g rausch than quality improvement action set sail smoothly!

In response to the company2018Years“Quality is a plus”The major policy,Will g rausch than the concept of zero defect quality management fall to the ground,Formation“From top to bottom”The management of promotion activities,Promote the competitiveness of the company's quality,2018Years8Month12Day,Xi 'an river g rausch than one hundred quality improvement action kicked off smoothly!

Xi 'an river communication co., LTD was awardedISOThree system certification

Xi 'an river communication co., LTD was awarded

ISOThree system certification

Xi 'an river“Le cup”The second basketball league

To enrich my company employee recreational activity,To promote“Le,Health,Actively,Upward”In the spirit,Set up between the departments and the communication platform between the departments and employees,In the Dragon Boat Festival is coming,Xi 'an river communications limited liability company in2018Years6Month13Day、6Month14Organized“Le cup”The second basketball league。

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